2lbs density polyurethane spray foam can be applied in multiple sections of your home. Ideal for any concrete,stone or block foundation. Full basement or small crawl space, 2lbs density polyurethane spray foam is the number 1 insulation product for this type of substrate. With its good adhesion and its air and vapor barrier qualities it is highly effective on below grade substrates.

Cathedral ceiling is also a good place to install 2lbs density polyurethane spray foam, given the fact that most of the time there isn’t sufficient space for proper thickness of conventional insulation ( fiberglass,blown-in cellulose ). 2lbs density polyurethane foam gives more value for your dollar with its high R value, air barrier and vapor barrier.

Rim Joists are an excellent place to have spray foam insulation applied.

Underside of floor on a structure that have no foundation is a perfect area to feel the comfort of spray foam insulation.

Underside of concrete slab is another scenario where spray foam insulation is ideal.